iPad Mini 4 Teardown Shows 2GB of RAM

iFixit has posted its tear down of the iPad Mini 4, the tear down has revealed that the iPad Mini4 device has 2GB and a smaller battery. Below is summary of findings.
● The 6.1 mm thick iPad Mini 4 shaves 18% off the 7.5 mm Mini 3.
● The dual rear-facing microphones move to surround the iSight camera, taking up the home of the now-defunct rotation lock slider.
● Adhering the glass and display together gives a little more rigidity to this Mini—enough to ditch the huge metal shield plate that has traditionally lived behind the LCD.
● The Touch ID cable is now integrated into the display cable
● Not only is the battery thinner and of lesser capacity, it’s now a single cell, instead of two.
● Apple A8 APL1011 SoC, with SK Hynix H9CKNNN8KTBUSR 2 GB LPDDR3 SDRAMiPad Mini 4 Repairability: 2 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).
● The battery is still not soldered to the logic board.
● The LCD and front panel glass are now fused together. This slightly simplifies the opening procedure.
● The fused front panel also increases the cost of repairing a cracked screen, and increases risk of damage to the LCD when opening.
● The Lightning connector is soldered to the logic board, so don’t bend its pins.
● Gobs of adhesive hold everything in place making all repairs more difficult.
● Removing the home button is a tough but required job for display replacement if you want to keep Touch ID functionality.

Check out a few images below or hit the link for the full teardown.

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