iPad HD or iPad 3 Features As on Today

It is now the matter of hours that the iPa3 or iPad HD is going to be released by Apple on their sepcial event in San Francisco on 7 March. There had been plenty of rumors and doubtful news about the design and features of next generation ipad3. Today it was confirmed in a report by iMore that the iPad 3 will have 4G LTE network support. In addition to this news there are also confirmed news about the name of new ipad that it may be the “iPad HD”. Similarly there are news that iPad 3 deliveries has out the pressure on international freight distribution network and a rise of about 20% in freight charges has been observed. It was also reported on one technology blog that iPad 3 is running iOS 6. Retina display is the mostly confirmed feature that the iPad 3 will be having definitely. Another website stated that cases for the next generation iPad are reportedly already shipping to Best Buy. Similarly it was also reported that ipad 3 or ipad HD will have one Home button which previously was assumed to be not visible. In our previous rumored posts we have also mentioned about the A6 processor and powerful 8mp camera to be included in the iPad 3.

There are also reports about the price of the iPad 3 that the Apple will keep the iPad 3 price same at the level of iPad 2 because it is their history to not increase the prices. Also different models were revealed for iPad 3.

It is Apple track record for providing the value products that fulfill the intended customer requirements and perception lets hope we shall get whatever we were rumoring.

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