iPad 3 will have A5x processor

In many previous rumors and reports it was revealed that the next generation ipad i.e. ipad 3 will be released on 7 March this year and it wil have A6 processor but yesterday 19-Feb-2012 there was a leaked photo released on the Chinese forum that was showing that that iPad 3 probably will have an A5X processor instead of  an A6 as rumored earlier. Apple has used A4 processors in iPad and iPhone 4 and then A5 in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

iPad 3 Logic Board
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If you observe the  printed code “1146″ on the A5X processor this is the date code which  indicates that the iPad 3 processor was manufactured in 46th week of 2011 i.e. November 14-20 2011.

There are many other information also that can be extracted from the figures/codes on the logic board that include:

  • Hynix pair of 16 GB flash memory chips
  • Apple-branded chip similar to chips found in previous iPad tear downs with higher part number i.e. upgraded one

In addition you already know that there are confirmed reports that Apple is going to release iPad 3 on 7 March 2012 that will be equipped with high resolution upgraded cameras, retina display and LTE capability.

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