There were many rumors regarding the ipad 3 release date in coming weeks of February 2012. Now it was firmly believed that announcement of iPad 3 in near future may not be a true news.  Jim Dalrymple from the loop reports that Apple will not be releasing any information on the iPad 3 release date this month. He says ” This is not going to happen, according to my sources. Apple will not hold an event in February, unusual or otherwise. That’s it.”

This may be a disappointing moment for the people waiting for next generation Apple iPad 3.  The last week rumors were from some reliable sources but we can’t say until the device is released. Below are summary of the rumors we were seeing from many weeks.

New iPad will come in two models J1 and J2 both corresponding to the Wi-Fi and 3G models. It was also reported by DigiTimes previously that code-names J1 and J2 are references to two completely distinct iPads of different sizes and including different technologies.

Release Date: Announcement in February 2012 and ipad 3 release in March 2012 since ipad 2 was released on 11 March 2011.

Retina Display: High quality pixel density screen similar to the one in iPhone and iPod Touch.

Quad-Core Processer:  A6 processor chip in the iPad 3 with Quad core carrying an S5L8945X identifier

Support for LTE alongside GSM and CDMA 3G networks in a single device.

Design: iPad 3 will be looking  similar to the iPad 2 so no big design change

Siri: Siri support to the iPad 3

Above are a summary of the different rumors about the release of  ipad3, you can subscribe my blog below for latest updates on release of next generation ipad 3.

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