As published on Apple’s website the new iPad 3 will arrive at 8:00 am on March 16th Friday through Apple retail stores and Apple online stores in US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK; along with Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Also some third party retailers such as Wal Mart has opened their doors to much excited ipad 3 lovers.

For ipad 3 ios 5.1 jailbreak there is a good news that Dev Team has released a blog post that they will be hopefully able to get new ipad 3 jailbroken in near future because the method they used to jailbreak iPad 2 still works even in ios 5.1. We are very thankful to Dev team and all who are facilitating us with jailbreaks and hope to get new ipad 3 jailbreak ios 5.1. Below are some paragraphs from their blog post:

There are a few bits of good news already.

  • We can confirm that the method used to jailbreak the iPad 2 4 months ago still works even in 5.1.  That means we’ll at least be able to get our foot in the door to get the required kernel dumps on the iPad3.  That’s an important step, but by no means is it the end of the story.
  • Those of you following @i0n1c may have noticed he’s already tweeted pictures of his iPad2 jailbroken at 5.1.  As far as we know, he’s using a method completely unrelated to the one mentioned above.  That would be great news!
  • We’ve also seen bits and pieces of an entirely different jailbreak method being investigated by someone close to the Cydia repo scene.
The second paragraph says they are investigating another jailbreak similar to Cydia repo which I guess is the ios 5.1 jailbreak by i0n1c that I reported earlier today in one of my post that i0n1c has found a completely different method for iPad 2 ios 5.1 jailbreak.

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