iOS 5.1 pre-GM Build Leaked

Yesterday we got information about another new feature of iOS 5.1that is a new lock screen camera icon. Previously Apple has been known to send a copy of pre-released versions of iOS to carriers and other parties for tests before an official public release therefore this was reported in a recent post on a Portuguese blog that they have a Pre-GM build and this new feature was discovered. In the latest iOS 5.1 version we know that we can directly open the camera app by double tapping the home button and then tapping the camera icon on lockscreen. This new feature is basically same but only difference is that you need to swipe the icon to upper side instead of tapping so it brings a little bit change or innovation whatever you can say.  It is also reported that the Camera icon may be permanently provided on the lock screen and you only need to slide it upside to start the camera app. Similarly another feature that was discovered in the new build is a Japanese language support/setting fors Siri application.
Now it is the fact that Apple is testing iOS 5.1 pre-GM version which indicates that release date of iOS 5.1. for the general public must be very close and as I reported earlier about the iOS 5.1 release date, that it is believed to be together with the release of iPad 3 in first week of March or may be 7th March 2012.

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