iOS 11 Bluetooth Problem & its Solutions

After the release of iOS 11 we have seen millions of users have upgraded to enjoy its new features. Although Apple has tested the beta versions on many many devices but when it comes the matter of installing on millions of devices there are always possibility of bugs and errors which users mostly report online through blogs and customer care pages etc. One of this kind of problem seen is the connection of iPhones and iPads to Bluetooth devices. There are many other iOS 11 errors as well but in this post we shall only talk about how to fix Bluetooth connectivity problem in iDevices.

Fix iOS 11 Bluetooth Connection Problem

The fist thing you should make sure that your Bluetooth device is working perfectly on other devices and it is well charged when you are trying to connect it. If your iDevice is having problem then you can try below methods to solve Bluetooth connectivity problem.

Option 1: Hard Reset the Device

Go to Settings => Bluetooth and turn off the Bluetooth option. Now hard reset your iPhone or iPad. Hold simultaneously power and home buttons (Volume down button on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus) until Apple logo displays on screen. After device is ready again enable Bluetooth. Now connect your Bluetooth device. If still the problem of connectivity observed try other options.

Option 2: Unpair & Repair the Bluetooth Device with iPhone

Go to settings => Bluetooth you will find the problematic device in the list. Tap on the information “i” icon against the device name having connection problem. Select the option of “Forget This Device” and confirm. Wait for a while and pair again the iPhone or iPad with the device. Hope this will solve the problem.

ios 11 bluetooth connectivity problem

Option 3: Reset Your Network Settings

This option should be used carefully because all your connections shall be reset and if you don’t remember the WiFi password you will not be able to join again. So recall your passwords and any other security settings that are related to network settings. Just go to Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings. Insert the pass code if asked and confirm the action. This will cause your device to reboot and new settings shall be implemented. Try to connect the Bluetooth device and if this time also you are not able to connect then you are in serious trouble because now you have two options either reset your device and setup iOS 11 as a new device or go to nearest service center to fix the problem.

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