iOS 10.1 Released – Jailbreak Expected any Time

Good news Pangu 10.1 jailbreak is near to be released, Apple has already released the major version of ios which is 10.1. As jailbreak community we were also waiting for the same and now we are expecting more work from jailbreak teams to crack 10.1 as early as possible.

Question comes whether jailbreak for ios 10.1 is possible or not and the answer is yes because we have already seen the ios 10 jailbreak claims from iH8Snow, Luca and Pangu. It clearly narrates that they were either waiting for this major upgrade or they might have sold their ios 10 jailbreak secrets to Apple as we know in the back doors the bounty program for vulnerabilities is also working.

ios 10.1 released jailbreak waiting

Is ios 10.1 Jailbreak Patched

If we see the upgrade major part is includes Portrait Camera for iPhone 7 Plus (beta), transit directions for Japan, stability improvements and bug fixes etc and if Apple was able to figure out the loop hole jailbreakers used to jailbreak 10.0.1 that must have been patched now. On the other hand we see the claim from that Pangu 10.1 jailbreak is almost ready and near to release.

Lets hope good and wait for ios 10.1 jailbreak any  time from pangu, pp, TaiG or any other hacking team in coming few days.

If you are still on older version i.e. 9.3.3, 9.2 of 8.4 then you are lucky that at least you have choice to jailbreak your device. We recommend to not upgrade to 10.1 until you are informed that jailbreak for 10.1 is released.

If still you want you can upgrade from settings menu and also download updated ipsw files from our ios 10.1 download page. For latest news about ios 10.1 jailbreak don’t forget to join our site from below form.

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