How to wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy S6

It is certain that a user having any phone might want to clear the cache of their smart phones. Sometimes the reason is to speed up your phone and save battery life. Users of Galaxy S6 are at the right place to understand the method. In order to wipe cache on Samsung galaxy S6 you should know about the types of cache present on your phone as well for better understanding.

How to wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • There are two kinds of cache; system cache and an app cache. The app cache here refers to the cache related to certain applications and on the contrary the system cache is all about the system of android itself.
  • When you are planning to clear app cache on galaxy S6 the first thing is to tap the main settings menu. There when you will scroll down you will find the app manager, click that. Whichever app you wish to clean select that. It can be Running, All or Downloaded. When you open that app, at the lower side you will see the option of clear cache. Tap that and you are done with it. Isn’t it super easy?
  • You might want to clear the catch on galaxy S6 for all the apps. Clicking on each app one by one can be quite time consuming and hectic. Tap settings and there go to the storage option. Simply select Cache data and then tap on OK.
  • When it comes to clearing the system cache on your galaxy S6 it is quite simple but takes up a several minutes. When your smart phone fails to behave even after the clear app cache you will have to clear the system cache.
  • For that switch off your phone. Next, hold the power button and along with this keep pressing the Home button and Volume up button.
  • That’s when you would be guided to the menu that is about the recovery. There you scroll through the options by your volume buttons. Select the wipe cache partition and to select press the power button.
  • A message in yellow typing will appear at the bottom after the whole process gets completed. Further, select by highlighting the reboot system and to confirm press the power button.
  • Now it might take several minutes but when it’s done, know that you have successfully cleared the system cache. Enjoy operating your galaxy S6 smoother than before.

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