In one of my previous post I told that AT&T is going to change their policy on iPhone unlock due to the increased pressure from the iPhone users and even Apple themselves for at least out of the contract iPhones.  It was reported that from this Sundays i.e. 8-April-2012, AT&T will be allowing customers who have completed their service contracts, and are in good standing, to unlock iPhone.  So there is good news that AT&T as per its promise is now unlocking iPhones meeting the requirements to unlock your iPhone for free.

There are three options you can unlock iphone from AT&T:

  1. Contact AT&T’s technical support through phone
  2. Visit an AT&T store
  3. Use AT&T’s online chat

I am mentioning below the third method about how to unlock your out of contract AT&T iPhone for free using AT&T’s online chat.

How To Unlock AT&T iPhone

  1. Note down the IMEI number of your iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About , scroll down to find IMEI and write down IMEI number.
  2. Open the AT&T’s online chat support page and login to your account. Click the Chat Now link next to technical support.
  3. The first thin kthey will ask you is the IMEI number when you tell them that you want to unlock your out of contract iPhone. Using your IMEI number AT&T representative will be able to determine if you are eligible for the free unlock or not.
  4. Now you will be asked to provide your email address so that they can send you more details about how to proceed, the response from AT&T may take a week for processing your unlock request.
  5. You just need to follow the instructions you receive in your email and you will get your iPhone unlocked.
That’s it , so if you are having iPhone with out of contract with AT&T and you want to unlock it act now and get registered for AT&T free unlock.
Note: There is a recent tweet from the famous jailbreaker Musclenerd that says to deactivate your jailbreak before you apply the unlock instructions from AT&T. Simply download RedSn0w and run application and do as for jailbreaking only select Deactivate option and complete the process.
How to unlock AT&T iPhone

Jailbreak / Unlock AT&T iPhone

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