How to Turn off Auto Playing of Videos on Twitter

Some people are not a big fan of the auto play in videos in the new update on twitter. Its like when you come across a tweet with an embedded Vine, animated GIF or a clip in twitters native format, it begins to play on its own. It’s all part of the grand plan to shove advertising down our throat though Twitter would have us believe it’s trying to make our lives easier so we could “keep up with the action without missing a tweet and get a better sense of what’s been shared instantly.” Auto playing videos on twitter  drain your battery by the seconds more over they use most of your MB from your data plan.

How to Turn off Auto Playing of Videos on Twitter:

if you wish to mute the video single tap the video in the expanded view to mute the sound. in some devices if you turn your device upside down, the sound will automatically turn on and the video will expand to fill the screen.
There is an option which only plays your videos over the wi-fi but here is how you do it. Open and log in. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner. then select the settings option from the drop down menu which will be displayed. After this go to the account section next to video tweets and uncheck the “auto play videos”.Auto play off twitter

If you have an iPhone, then start by opening the twitter app on your iOS device iPhone, or and iPad, then tap on your profile and then hit the gear icon, from there you should see the settings option and select it and under the general section tap “video auto play” here you can choose to have auto-play videos “use mobile data and wi-fi” , “use wi-fi only” or to “never play videos automatically.”

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