How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung galaxy note 3 is famous for its design and looks due its big screen and attractive features. Galaxy note 3 has many plus points, but once the user starts using it by adding apps and other stuff it might get a little slow with time. That can be quite annoying and also disappointing because the smart phone is quite expensive to act sluggish. But you can always find out ways to speed up Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

    • If you do not use S voice then it is better to get rid of it because although Samsung has put these in to the Note 3 to make lives easier but for people who do not use S voice should remove it. All you need to do is tap the home button twice (double tap) and you will reach the S Voice. You need to go to its settings, then general section and then untick the option that says open via home key. You are done with it, now you can exit S Voice.
    • System animations can also contribute the sluggish behavior of your Galaxy Note 3. To solve this follow the simple steps. Open up the settings then go to the General settings, and after that tap on the Developer options. Then turn of the window animations.
    • Do the same steps to turn off the Transition animation. These two steps will make you feel a noticeable difference in the speed and you will be able to switch between apps etc faster than before.
    • Who wouldn’t want fast downloading time? It is super easy to enjoy quick downloading on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by going to the settings then connections and then selecting the download booster option. This will also speed up your galaxy Note 3.
    • Get rid of Touchwiz which can add to the laggy behavior of your Note 3, install other launchers which are of good quality such as Nova launcher or Go launcher.Speed-up-galaxy-note-3
  • Clear the RAM and cache pretty often to avoid sluggishness altogether. Make a habit of doing that every week or according to the requirement to speed up your galaxy Note 3.

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