How to See and Restore Files using Time Machine on MAC

Time Machine is a very useful application that enables the users to backup the important data and also to restore and view parts of those files. The Time Machine is pretty famous for its services, as in today’s era everybody is looking for such unique safety apps to store and backup their data according to their own will. There are a few points to understand how to see and restore files using Time Machine. Is Your Mac Affected By Flashback Virus?

How to See and Restore Files using Time Machine on MAC:

  1. First, go to the time machine by the menu bar or you can also go by entering the system preferences then time machine and then tap on show time machine on the menu bar.
  2. When you enter the Time Machine, go to the folder in which you have the file which you are planning to restore.
  3. There and then you will see a dial with time; this will be at the right hand side, to navigate right back through the time until the file appears.
  4. Highlight the specific file, and tap on restore button which will be seen at lower part of the interface. This step will be done in order to restore the specific file from the backup.
  5. This is so simple and now the file will be restored into your device just like it was before you lost it.See and restore files
  6. Time Machine is an important technology that every person would need. If you accidentally delete an important file you can get it right back through this tutorial. Since it is very common that people do loose files by sudden wrong taps so Time Machine is a need to every device. This is all about how to see and restore files using Time machine on MAC, Good luck with it.

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