Below step wise guide will help you uninstall or remove the Cydia sources which you have installed on your jailbroken iPhone, ipod touch or ipad. Previously I posted about How to install Cydia Sources which you can follow if you need to re install Cydia Sources or you are new to jailbreak community and don’t know about installing sources/apps etc.

Steps How to delete/uninstall Cydia Repository or Sources from idevices:

  1. Launch Cydia by tapping the Cydia icon on your spring board..wait for loading.
  2. Tap on the Manage in the bottom tabs.
  3. Tap on Sources the middle section
  4. Now you will see the list of the default sources and repositories that are already installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  5. Tap the Edit button on the top right corner of your iDevice’s screen.
  6. Now you are able to delete any source by tapping the red circle on the left of each Cydia repository/source.
  7. Now it is very easy to find the repository or source which you want to uninstall/remove from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and click the corresponding delete icon.
  8. Cydia will show Reloading Data and the source you have just deleted will not be available in the list.
  9. Tap Done at the top right corner of the screen and you have uninstalled the source from Cydia successfully.
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