How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac

This is a common blunder or mistake many people make while using their phones. Have you also happen to get a message deleted by a wrong tap on the screen? By accidentally deleting the whole thread? Or even by deleting it with your will and later regretting it? Do not worry; you can recover deleted messages very easily if you follow what we show. There are a few programs which will do this for you. Cool-muster android SMS+contacts Recovery. Wondershare Dr. Fone. The above programs are for PC or Mac and android respectively to recover deleted messages.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac:

  • It really does not matter which program you go for to recover deleted messages. For example if you choose the Wondershare app you will first have to download it and run and install it. Launch the program to your laptop. On your android smart phone you are required to enable the USB debugging. For this you should be having access to developer options. Or tap on the about phone option and build number, tap again and again until you have the developers option.
  • Once you enable the USB debugging connect your smart phone to your PC and follow the instructions. This will scan the memory of your android phone and analyze it. When you get done with the whole process you will be able to preview and browse the deleted files/data on your android cell phone.recover deleted messages
  • You can also recover the text messages by selecting the ones you want to recover. The screen elements are easy to understand even without a guide.
  • Avoid losing a message Instead to recovering the messages by going through the whole process don’t you think it is easier if you do not lose your text messages in the first place? It will only take few minutes out of your precious time, simply backup your messages and give yourself a break from all the stress you might have to face if you have to go through the whole thing.
  • Download install such apps to back and restore your SMS whenever you want in very less time.

That’s all to how to recover deleted messages. However remember one thing, do not take long after a message has been deleted. Act as fast as you can to recover it back.

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