How to Prevent Phone From Consuming Excess Mobile Data

Mobile data is nowadays an essential need of every person owning a smart phone. People are not likely to be always near wifi connections therefore there is an increasing trend of mobile data usage around the globe and the cost varies from user to user. Nowadays there are a number of packages of mobile internet but most users complain about extra MBs being used without their knowledge. You have opened the right door to learn how to prevent Phone from consuming excess mobile data. Don’t forget to read Smartphone security tips.

How to Prevent Phone From Consuming Excess Mobile Data

  1. Chrome pages compressing Have you heard about data saver on Chrome? You can use this great facility to save your mobile data from getting wasted on unwanted data. If you use Chrome for most of your internet browsing purposes then you should compress the pages in order to save the mobile internet data. This method can help you save up to 35% of your mobile data and costing you must less than you can think of. And the little delay in browsing is worth it. Launch Chrome, then when you see the vertical three dots in the right corner, click on them right away. Then go to the settings and there you can tap Data Saver.
  2. Avoid using Facebook app When you find yourself asking how to prevent phone from consuming excess mobile data, a number of problem generating things list down in your mind. One of them is Facebook official application. It literally eats up the mobile data and for that you have an alternative of tinfoil for Facebook. This is a web application which will display your Facebook website. And help you save a good amount of internet MBs which you can enjoy for a longer period of time.Prevent Access Data
  3. Background Data Always go to the settings of the apps you use and restrict the data at the background to prevent excess consumption of your mobile internet data. Activities running at the back include; syncing, automatic widgets update, feeds updates and many more.
  4. Say no to auto-updating There is another hungry app that eats up the mobile data without you being aware of it. That is Google play store. Go to the settings and disable auto-updating of the applications in your smart phone. This will always ask for your permission next time it has any updates helping you know about what is going on in your smart phone.
  5. Also try to keep music in your phone instead of streaming it always from different applications to save data usage.

These are a few methods to know how to prevent phone from consuming excess mobile data, which will certainly guide you to cost cutting techniques.

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