How to Prevent lagging on Smart Phones

There can be many reasons that can lead to lagging in your smart phone. Too much lag can be annoying and often drives the user to change the smart phone they are using. Sometimes you have a less number of applications running on your device which can still hog the RAM of your smart phone. Lagging in smart phones is one of the most common problems faced by countless number of people all around the world.

How to Prevent lagging on Smart Phones:

Some tips can be used to overcome lag in smart phones

  1. You should keep your RAM light all the time to prevent lag in the future. Clear it when you see many applications are running at the same time. In fact it’s best if you make it a regular habit. This helps to free up the space occupied by random applications taking up the memory space and you will see a noticeable change if you keep clearing the RAM often.
  2. Sometimes people like having a number of widgets set on the screen. Try to eliminate the number of widgets by only keeping a limited no. of short cut applications which you use often like messaging app, phone call app, whats app app, clock or calendar according to your priority.smartphones Lagging
  3. Check your smart phone thoroughly and install extra applications that are not in use. We often download apps which we never use later on and we totally forget that they can be slowing down our phone as well. So you should always keep this mind and uninstall unneeded applications to prevent lagging on you smart phone.
  4. You should always keep a check on recent updates to your software in order to keep your smart phone latest with the new versions.
  5. If your phone is stucking too much due to lagging you can restart your phone for immediate recovery. This will leave a good effect on the phone and it will pick up speed and work smoothly.

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