1. Find out what application is using up the battery, go to setting and then to battery and see what is taking up all the juice. If you come across and app then you don’t use, or rarely use uninstall it or disable it to save your battery. This is the best tip to increase android battery life.
  2. With all these new setting like LTE, GPS, NFC ,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turn these off when not in use, as all they will do is take up battery. Android allowed the use of such apps specially the location based applications to run in the background and without even make through one fourth of the day you are already worried about the battery. GPS is the known battery draining machine.
  3. The new handsets now come on with this feature mostly called the save power mode. Using this feature or turning it on, might give you and extra hour or this only limits the phone to text messages, calls.increase android battery
  4. Stop most apps from running in the background until and unless it isn’t absolutely important. Go to settings and turn off all those apps that have no need to be running in the background and draining your battery. This will help you to increase android phone battery life.
  5. Hidden battery draining apps such as those useless widgets and live wallpapers, they might be sitting inactive but they are definitely hogging your battery so avoid them to improve android battery life.
  6. Turning down the brightness at night time saves up android battery
  7. Always update your apps, as some updates include mechanisms to allow that app to work with using less power, so always keep them updated. Updated apps are optimized and useful to increase android battery
  8. Sometimes when you are in an area where the signals are poor, or almost nil, try turning your ph to airplane mode, as you can’t already use it to make calls or anything cellular so in order to increase battery life turn it off or switch to airplane mode.

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