Everyone would have the wish to get the latest android updates faster. Nowadays almost every other person owns a smart phone with built in Android. It is not that every single person owns an android phone, but there is a large number of people out there using one. So here we will discuss and reveal some secrets to get the Android updates faster. You may also like to read Tips for Twitter on Android and Lollipop: Android VS iOS 8.

How to Get the Android updates Faster:

  1. You should avoid on using Google services Framework as it can queue up the updates leading to delay them getting to you. You can remove this by going to the Google service framework and clearing it. Go to the settings then apps and All tab, you will now skip the waiting in the queue. This tip to get android updates faster will really help you, so try it.
  2. When an android update is sure to be due do not ever factory reset your handset. The reset would also reset your Google ID. So the best way is to learn one line and follow it all your life. Backup first, update second, reset third, and finally restore.
  3. In order to get the tip to get android updates faster you need to understand how android updates actually work.Get Android Update Faster
  4. If you prefer to get the Android updates faster then you should try to keep a more updated and advanced phone. The latest one with current things and features offered.
  5. You also need to know about your manufacturers and carriers. If you love your current phone then wait till you get a new one. Make sure the next phone you get is better and have better manufacturers than the previous ones. Same goes for the carrier. Because the framework after being released by Google and goes to the manufacturer and then the carrier. You are the last person in the queue.

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