Some of the new iPad users are facing weak reception of WiFi signals, although mostly don’t face the problem at all. The weak signals sometimes cause slow internet speed. Many blogs are saying this is a kind of software issue and may be resolved with a software update. Below is the solution for the time being:

Note: Please recall your wireless network security key before proceeding.

Solution 1: Reconnect to WiFi Network

Go to Settings —> Select WiFi —> Tap the Blue Arrow to the right of your WiFi connection and Tap Forget this Network

Now tap again the network you want to connect and provide the WEP key to connect again you will see improved WiFi signals.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings

Go to Settings –> Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset tap Reset Network Settings

Now reconnect to the desired WiFi network

Above two solutions are working with many people and hope will help you also if you are facing problem in WiFi signals.

If you are still facing WiFi signal problem you can visit Apple’s WiFi troubleshooting page for further assistance form Apple or contact your local service center.

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