How to Avoid Roaming Charges

In today’s era one cannot stay separated from their smart phones even if it is for a few minutes. Smart phones are now being considered a need more than a luxury good. This is because your phone has more than you do whether it is contacts, emails, pictures, fb account or calendar. You simply need it in your pocket to make a call, send a text message or check your emails at any time you like.

What happens when you plan a trip to another country? As much as you think the fun is about to begin you also have to keep in mind the problems you are most likely to face. The biggest problem people tend to face while travelling to different countries is the cost to make calls and messages and emails. And one cannot skip doing it as it is also something very important to do.

How to Avoid Roaming Charges:


For example in Europe just checking an email in which a picture is attached can cost you around US $40. So what can you do to avoid roaming charges?

Do not worry as there is a solution to this which awaits you. To avoid roaming charges you need Tep Wireless. Haven’t heard of it? Tep wireless is a service which is offered to you for at least 16 countries such as Germany, UK, Spain, and Italy. The service will be introduced for USA and Australia very soon. All you need is a smart phone which is latest and advanced or a wireless portable wifi called a dongle device.

So while you are travelling or visiting different countries you can use this wireless pocket WiFi device to work for you and avoid roaming charges. You can now send text messages, emails and browse free. Also you can make countless phone calls free of any cost.

The best thing about the device is that it can also be delivered at your doorstep and it is does not cost you too much. Once you make use of it you’ll be sure that it is worth the money.

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