Face ID on the HomePod 2

The upcoming Apple Home Pod 2 which has been rumored to be in development, might pack in some cool new features. As brought to light by MacRumors, Apple has recently applied for a new patent. This Patent suggests FaceID, 3D hand gestures and a few other interesting features might come standard on the upcoming HomePod 2.

The patent describes a device that has the likes of other speaker assistants such as the Amazon Echo. However it is to be said that it does not mention Apple’s HomePod by its name.


Apple’s HomePod in white.


3D Gestures And FaceID:

Interestingly, Apple could be implementing some sort of LED display interlaced with the fabric on the side of the upcoming HomePod. It will also be quite intriguing to see how Apple decides to go forward with FaceID on the new HomePod. They may implement it to the display on top or even utilize it through the LED display on the side. Furthermore the HomePod is going to handle personal requests through FaceID, adding an extra layer of security to your device.

Gestures described herein include focus gestures and unlock gestures. A focus gesture enables the user to engage (i.e., take control of) an inactive non-tactile 3D user interface. An unlock gesture enables the user to engage a locked non-tactile 3D user interface, as pressing a specific sequence of keys unlocks a locked cellular phone. In some embodiments, the non-tactile 3D user interface conveys visual feedback to the user performing the focus and the unlock gestures.

Other small features include Ambient Light Sensing and displaying graphics of the sun if its sunny. These features that may otherwise seem a bit gimmicky suggest that Apple is thinking hard outside the box.


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