Google doc is a very user friendly application, it provides the proper options in the expected places as well as the important editing buttons. If one uses the Word a lot, then the appearance of Google docs is a pleasant surprise, it feels likes like using a less powered version of the Microsoft office word document.
Pictures have always been an important part of any conversation, be it showing memories, or part of an important presentation. A school report, it can be literally anything you want it to be. It has been announced that the official Google doc users can now add images directly from their iPhone or their iPad.

Google Docs – Create and Edit documents From iPhone Free:Google Docs

How to use Google Docs on iPhone and iPad is here: open the application, and tap on the plus sign on the upper right corner. This open a menu find the add new image and click on it. After this two choices will be shown to you then you will simply have to decide if you want to take a new picture on the spot or add one that you have already taken from the iOS camera roll. This feature is also available offline, it says that your work should not stop when your data connection does.

You can also crop, resize or mask the images using the Google Docs, if you double tap on the images, this will open the editing mode, and this allows you to trim the sides of the images or crop it into a specific shape.
In addition to this, Google slides have become famous for the ability to insert and edit tables on the go.
But one must keep in mind that the Google sheets still lacks the new image picker because the spreadsheet application does not support imagines in cells from the start. Using Google Docs you can easily edit, create and share the documents with others.

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