The first apple watches sold way more than the android watch did on their first day. The apple watch is an iPhone friendly watch that is sweet to your iPhone. It’s been out since last April and the cost of this remarkable item is around $349. Features of Apple watch and functions are discussed today in this article.
The price is high for a watch, but not only because of the tax issue but because its packed with literally everything, for example the all metal link bracelet body, which has about 100 gears which takes a crucial 9 hours to cut. Just for the sake of comparison the android watches were around $200 (Samsung), $230 (LG G WATCH). Apple aims for luxury, this watch comes in 38 different bands and 9 different faces.


Features of APPLE WATCH and comparison with Android Watch:

Featues-of -Apple Watch
Features of

At first the apple watch showed you your notifications like messages, and twitter, face book notifications, it just killed the need to keep checking your phone a hundred times for notifications.
Siri can also be used through the watch. The watch does work without an iPhone, for the selected apps, like listening to music during a jog or keeping a track of your fitness metrics. The watch itself has an 8 GB, this is double the amount of the android watches, this is another important feature of Apple watch.

The apps that are already installed are calendar, apple maps, passbook and music Camera remote, photos mail weather, workout, activity and messages. The built in fitness apps have sensors to recognize your heartbeat, the activity app tracks movement and lets you know how long you have been running, standing or walking.

The battery is said to last a whole 24hours, which is almost impossible to achieve as it has a 204mAh for its 38mm case. The watch does come with reserve option, which helps maintain the battery life when it’s about to die. These are the very basic features of Apple Watch and hopefully you will be thinking to buy this watch.

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