Evi is the new app that you can say is a British rival to the Siri. If you are an iphone ipod or ipad user you are aware of features of Siri which is a personal talking assistant, a big hit, provided in iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5. Why I am writing Evi vs Siri because after  few weeks of release Evi has gained much attention from the iPhone users and almost half a million downloads have been recorded during three weeks of release of Evi.

Due to huge popularity of the Evi app it is also reported that apple is going to remove the Evi from App store (not sure). True Knowledge CEO William Tunstall-Pedoe was called and informed about this issue from Apple as reported by TechCrunch.

Some of the Evi Features include:

  • Evi works both for iOS and Android operating systems
  • Evi is smarter than a search engine it gives hyperlinks related to the question asked and you can open directly in the browser
  • Evi has collection of 635 million facts about 28 million things (updating regularly)
  • Evi is updated continuously by its creators by scouring Wikipedia and yellow pages etc.
  • Evi can hold millions of simultaneous conversations
  • Evi has impressed british users since it recognizes their regional accent
  • You can make voice or text input and can chat to Evi in simple English
  • Provides local information for UK and USA i.e shopping, dining and news etc.
  • Evi recognizes your location and provides local information

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