Apple Watch Series 4
Tim Cook opening the event with the new Apple Watch Series 4
Here’s all you need to know about the new Apple Watch Series 4.

The event kicked off revealing the new Apple Watch Series 4 early and dearly. Tim cook came out to introduce us to the gorgeous different new models of the hottest watch from Apple. Viewers of the stream and the audience present at the venue were overwhelmed by new features and specs that were revealed. Everything about the new Apple Watch Series 4 has been redesigned and re-engineered and every detail has been thoughtfully considered for perfection. This is the new Apple Watch Series 4.

Moving forward

Connectivity, Fitness and Health on the Apple Watch Series 4
Three Key Features

Starting off, we got to take a look at the three different ways the new Apple Watch Series 4 is a drastic change over the previous models:

Staying Connected:

Cellular Capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 4
How much Connectivity has improved with the new watch

The new Apple Watch Series 4 as was finally revealed to us today all come with ceramic backs coupled with a sapphire crystal back. What this means and what this brings to the table is better connectivity and a more durable back of the watch. The Ceramic back allows for better radio waves reception, from both the front and the back, meaning that wearers receive a massive boost in cellular reception and range for their watches which aims to improve customer satisfaction even more. This along with a 50% better speaker coupled with a more echo proof mic makes staying connected even easier than it already was.

Fitness Companion:

The new Apple Watch Series 4 takes fitness to another level. To power and support your all day activities the series 4 has a next generation Accelerometer and Gyroscope. With twice the Dynamic Range and measuring up to 32 G-Forces, it can sample motion data 8x faster. It boasts better fitness tracking, full GPS tracking on a promised 18 hour battery life, more complications on better immersive fitness watch faces and is now offered in a new sport loop with reflective yarn for all the avid night time folk that enjoy their exercises when it gets dark. In addition to this, the Nike+ app is definitely getting a more immersive new look with the larger screen and narrower bezels that pop up more information and details – which looks absolutely stunning.

Nike+ Fitness on the Apple Watch Series 4
Nike+ Watch Faces

Personal Health Guardian:

Fall detection on the new Apple Watch Series 4
Three new heart sensor features


The Apple Watch has now become an intelligent guardian for your health. One of the leading causes of injuries world wide results from falling from different heights. Its whether you slip from a ladder or trip on a curb, hard falls are serious and they lead a lot of people into emergency rooms annually.

Even before landing into emergency rooms, it can be difficult finding immediate help. Now, the new Apple Watch Series 4 can detect a fall, yes it may sound like something very straight forward to figure out but it actually requires a large amount of data and calculations for something like a watch to detect a fall. The new Accelerometer and Gyroscope help a lot in determining when you fall and how exactly you fall. After a fall, the watch pops up an alert giving you the option to initiate an emergency call. However, if so the watch detects that you haven’t moved in under a minute, it automatically initiates the call and sends your active location to your emergency contact. Its assuring to know that this feature is present regardless of you ever needing it or not.

A Watch with an ECG?

Furthermore, along with the Optical Heart Sensor that essentially detects your calorie burn and features like detecting your resting heart rate or telling you when your heart rate is too high, there has been the inclusion of even more new features. Your watch already tells you if your heart rate is too high which is a very nice feature on its own but a very low heart rate is also a sign of a probable underlying condition. Now, the Series 4 will let you know if your heart rate drops quite below the normal resting range. The second feature relates to Heart Rhythm, the Apple Watch can now detect an irregular rhythm where it sends you a notification stating that it could be a sign of Atrial Fibrillation.

Now these two features may be a big deal, but the third new feature is supported by the new Electrical Heart Sensor. Electrodes at the back of the watch and on the digital crown now allow you to take an Electrocardiogram – otherwise known as an ECG, right on your watch. This is the first ECG product of its kind that you can go and purchase commercially over the counter. It takes 30 seconds to get an ECG result on your watch, all of which is done with the help of the aforementioned electrodes on the digital crown and the device itself. At the completion of the process, the watch will display a heart rhythm classification and all of the ECG results as a PDF file on the health app which you can share with your doctor.

The ability to access health data on an on demand electrocardiogram or ECG is game changing, especially when evaluating Atrial Fibrillation and irregular and often rapid heart rate that can increase a person’s risk of stroke, heart failure and other health related complications – Dr. Ivor J. Benjamin, President of the AHA.

Ivor J. Benjamin of the american heart association gives his thoughts on the health features of the Apple Watch Series 4
Ivor J. Benjamin, President of the American Heart Association

Battery Life:

New Design, Larger Display, Electrical Heart Sensor
Summary of key features

Along with a bunch of all these new features, a remarkable new WatchOS 5 and a slimmer watch, you may wonder how far the watch will take you throughout the day. The Series 4 has the same 18 Hour All Day battery life that we have enjoyed in the past with a 6 hour increase in outdoor workout time you can have full GPS tracking for when you have to get your triathlon game on.

Fret Not Old Users:

Different watchbands on the Apple Watch Series 4
New Dual Tone Watch Bands

The Series 4 will be available in three aluminum finishes – Silver, Gold and Space Grey, and how can we forget the finishes on the Stainless Steel models that look absolutely stunning. Not only these, we got to feast our eyes early on in the event on the new Gold Stainless finish. Furthermore, it appears that all of the watch bands from previous models of the Apple Watch can be used perfectly fine with the new Series 4 which is something particularly comforting to hear given the prices of new Apple verified watch bands. It was also mentioned that due to the larger screen with the narrower bezels, the sizes have now been updated and are a bit larger than what was offered in the previous models.

New color gold finish on the Apple Watch Series 4
Gold Stainless Finish


40MM and 44MM sizes for the apple watch series 4
New sizing scheme for the Series 4

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