Electra Jailbreak of iOS 11.4.1 Updated With Support for A7 and A8 Devices

The Electra Team has announced an update to the Electra1141 Jailbreak which brings support for A7 and A8 devices.

Electra 1.2.3 is now available for all devices on iOS 11.0 – 11.4.1! https://coolstar.org/electra/ threadm1ll has been replaced with v1ntex so A7 & A8 devices now jailbreak properly on 11.2 – 11.4.1! Also fixes an issue where the initial respring could sometimes fail.

Newly supported devices include the iPhone 5S, 6(Plus), iPod touch 6, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad mini 2, 3 & 4.

You can find download links to the latest version of Electra at the end of this page.

Our previous tutorials on how to jailbreak using Electra can be found below:

How to Jailbreak Using Electra (Windows)

The current Electra Jailbreak supports iOS 11.0 – iOS 11.4.1. It also supports tvOS 11.2 – tvOS 11.3.1.

● Electra1141 1.2.7 for Non-Developers [mirror]

● Electra1141 1.2.6 for Non-Developers [mirror]

● Electra1141 1.2.0 for Non-Developers [mirror]

● Electra1131 1.0.3 for Non-Developers [mirror]
● Electra1131 1.0.3 for Developers [mirror] [entitlements]

● Electra1131 1.0.2 for Non-Developers [mirror]
● Electra1131 1.0.2 for Developers [mirror] [entitlements]

● Electra1131 1.0.1 for Non-Developers [mirror] [info]
● Electra1131 1.0.1 for Developers [mirror] [entitlements]

● Electra1131 1.0 for Non-Developers [mirror] [info]
● Electra1131 1.0 for Developers [mirror] [entitlements]

Download for tvOS
● ElectraTV 1.0.5 [mirror]
● ElectraTV 1.0.4 [mirror]

● Packaged by CoolStar
● Exploits by Ian Beer
● Trust cache injection and rootfs patch by xerub
● Zone map address fixup by Siguza
● Rootfs remount exploit discovered by CoolStar, implemented by pwn20wnd
● jailbreakd, launchd patch, setuid patch, dylib injection and Safe Mode by CoolStar
● amfid patch and entitlement injection by theninjaprawn
● unlocknvram, initial dropbear work, substitute compilation fix by stek29
● sandbox mitigations by stek29 and coolstar
● MIG protocol implementation by PsychoTea
● Various cleanup and testing done by pwn20wnd

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