Disable Notification Center In Full Screen Games – DisableNC Switch

The Notification center has a function in iOS 5 that is swipe-sensitive and can be used to launch the Notification Center in full-screen. Apple included the feature as the Status Bar is not visible in full-screen applications. However, the annoying moment is when the Notification Center grabber pops up while you’re in full-screen mode of an application.

Now, a new Cydia tweak known as DisableNC Switch has been released in the Cydia store. It lets user disable Notification Center when all the apps are running in full screen mode. It will keep the grabber from appearing so you can enjoy full-screen applications without disturbance. For example, you’re playing Temple Run in full-screen, and the Notification Center grabber pops up if you’re swiping anywhere on the screen near the toggle point. The game could get disrupted and additionally put the annoying little Notification Center grabber in the top of the screen, blocking the view until it’s dismissed.

People who love the Notification Center in general may not go down well with this tweak. However, there’s a toggle included in the Settings application. The toggle allows you to enable or disable the tweak at own will. This is a handy option, since only a few games have touch gestures that conflict with the Notification Center grabber.

The tweak is available in the ModMyi repo for free. After installation, there’ll be no new icons on the Springboard. The tweak works through a menu in Settings application which only contains the ‘Enable toggle’ option. You can observe the functioning after enabling it from there. Launch any game or app in full screen mode, and try pulling down the Notification center. While the handle of NC will appear, pulling at it won’t do anything, and the Notification Center will stay where it should be.

If you have DisableNC installed, uninstall it to use DisableNC Switch. Reboot or re-spring the device after enabling it if it doesn’t work on the first go.

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