Cydia installer is the basic software that installs or we can say injects the jailbreak code into the iOS for the purpose of its root access. Mostly the installer for Cydia is part of and inside the jailbreak app. This performs the Cydia installation seamlessly and a common user don’t need to think of it separately. This was happening till we saw the release of Pangu which is still a legal and working jailbreak for iOS 9.2 & 9.3.3. It requires two steps in order to jailbreak any device.

Before pangu there was no need to install Cydia separately as it is only necessary now for latest releases. This requires that we have to inject the Jailbreak code using Cydia impactor.  Cydia impactor tool is developed by Saurik, and it is used to sign the ipa file so that Pangu jailbreak tool can be executed on iOS devices. Cydia impactor does not collect your apple id and password. All the information is only used for applying a personal free certificate from Apple.

Why Cydia Installer is Mandatory

So we can say that up to the jailbreak of iOS 8 there was no need for a Cydia installer but now we have to go through the process of online cydia installation. This whole process involves:

Download Cydia impactor, Cydia impactor is available at

You need the valid Apple id. In case you do not want to use your current Apple ID to apply the personal certificate for any reason. We suggest you apply a new Apple ID and use it

Jailbreak ipa file that you will use to inject the Cydia installer on your device. Pangu Phoenix Yalu

cydia installer procedure of activation

Once you are successfully able to insert and process the ipa file code using Cydia Impactor. This is actually a signing process and you will be able to see a new logo with the same name of the jailbreak origin. This app is actually Cydia Installer and once you tap this icon your Cydia shall be available.

The jailbreak through Cydia Installer is semi untether and you can achieve cydia download free. It requires each time to run the installer after rebooting the device. Also some jailbreaks expire after certain time and you need to renew the certificates.

Cydia Certificate Expiration Resolved

For Pangu jailbreak a new way to reactivate your jailbreak is available and you will not face any certificate expiration issue. Once you jailbroke your device successfully and restart it, you need to reactivate jailbreak again. Now, you have a new way to reactivate jailbreak. Visit on safari from your device, click “go” and follow guide to reactivate jailbreak. In this way your Cydia Installer is secured.
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