Cool tips for Nexus 5 users

Right when Nexus 5 was launched it created hype in the market and turned to be quite famous. The smart phone has all the advanced features needed in a good technological phone with extra facilities and updates as well. Some people who aren’t familiar with the inside of the phone often get uncomfortable after buying it. So here are some tips for Nexus 5 users to enjoy the phone to the fullest.

Cool tips for Nexus 5 users:

  1. The Nexus phone has noticeable issues with the camera and people often get disappointed really quick. The snaps hardly come out to be extra good and of high quality. There is a tip that you need to follow by going to the camera settings and changing the default settings to HDR+. This will make your photos better than before with good color and contrast. But obviously, you will not want to drain your battery by using the mode all the time.
  2. Nexus is not a phone with good battery lifetime so this tip can really get you going. The brightness of your can be adjusted according to the outside light to save battery to the fullest. You can install an application called BrightTime on your phone. BrightTime is a wonderful app that will work perfectly on Nexus 5 and save your battery through managing brightness.Nexus 5 Tips
  3. Nexus user can swiftly capture pictures when they are making a video. This is a fantastic feature for the people to do two things at one time on one device just through a tap of their finger. Yes you only need to touch the screen and the picture will be saved on your Nexus 5 automatically.
  4. Another simple tip for Nexus 5 users is about the Maps. You can swipe the window from the bottom in Google Maps and can easily get the contact, location and other details.

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