Convert Your Android Device Into A Virtual Mouse

Touchpad Android App

Now you can control your Windows computer using your Android device replacing the mouse function. Touchpad  is available free on Google-play and is a free Android app to enable you to control your windows computer from your Android device. It provides a simple multitouch touchpad interface to control the mouse, and accepts keystrokes from the keyboard on your device to send to your computer.

How it works:

You have to install the Touchpad app on both your computer and your device if you want to use Touchpad. For installing the app on computer you can download from direct link and to install on your Android device you can visit Google Play Link and install the app.

Some of the features of Touchpad are mentioned below and you can visit official developer’s site for more details:

Touchpad Android App

  • Full remote control over the mouse left and right buttons from your Android device: drag n’ drop, double clicking, and right clicking functionality is readily accessible – with multitouch!
  • Keyboard support allows typing on the remotely controlled computer.
  • Media controls for easy control over media playback.
  • Web browser controls for easy browser navigation.
  • Automatically find servers from your device to make connecting to your computer simple and painless.
  • Clean, minimalist design.
  • Completely free and contains absolutely no ads!

Touchpad uses the following Network Communication permissions:
– Full Internet Access for communicating with the remote computer.
– View Wi-Fi State to search for computers on your network.

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