Configure Siri and iOS 5 To Speak Selected Text on Your iPhone 4 and 4S

No need to stress your eyes to read small fonts on a web page or in a document just select and let the technology work for you. Now iOS can speak whatever you select on the screen. Today I used this feature and it is awesome so I decided to share with you in simple steps with illustrations of screen shots so that it is easy for you. This option is available in new iOS 5.0.1 and can be used on all devices i.e. iPhone 4, 4S iPod Touch, iPad etc.

This guide is given stepwise as under:

1. Tap the Settings icon from your main screen.

2. Tap the General From the Settings Menu

3. Select Accessibility from the General Menu.

4. Now tap Speak Selection from the Accessibility menu as shown below:

5. Turn the speak selection switch to on position, and adjust the speaking rate of speech i.e. fast or slow.

6. Now your voice speaking is enabled and any text you select the option of Speak will be available as shown in the below example. Go to Main screen and open Safari and any webpage or document.

7. Select some text and you will see the new option of Speak Tap it and your device will start speaking the selected text.

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