Nowadays everyone is obsessed and addicted to smart phones: nothing can be done without turning off your phone. We’re all addicted to these little pieces of glass: wherever we go we take them with us like people use phone in toilets too. Every time we keep our phone in hand or in our pockets or in bags and too often on dinner table. It’s just a fact that we can’t turn off our phones and we get distract from our other activities. Using the iPhone auto response apps you can make your life more easier and control the iPhone usage in front of others.

However, we need to spend some time away from our smart phones. Of course, it is only possible if we don’t get distract. Here are five apps which will keep you away from your smart phone.

Best iPhone Auto Response apps When You are Busy

1. Flipd Auto Text App

Flipd entirely takes over your Smartphone instead of manipulating an individual feature. It replaces your lock screen with something more basic. It offers simple auto replies for text messages. Through it you can built a list of emergency contacts in case you really want to create that call. The entire system can be curved on in bursts up for 12 hours. Through it, you can stay focused, productive and free from distractions. It is a digital detox.

It is the easiest and productive app: it manages phone addiction by locking out distractions, ensures productivity timer, uninterrupted focus until the time runs out, effective lock screen, auto response SMS, emergency call and remotely locks other users from their phone. Flipd is an awesome iPhone auto response app let you to work effectively and get rid of iPhone for few minutes.


2. Break Free Cell Phone Addiction:

It is an app which makes life more meaningful by reducing phone addiction. It tracks the amount of time you spend looking at your phone, and gives you heads-up when it might be a time for a break. It monitors and controls your Smartphone usage habits and your digital life. It has features of usage monitoring, non-instructive notifications, phone management tools, usage statistics and parental control.


iPhone Auto Response apps to respond When You are Busy:iPhone Auto Respond Apps

3. AppDetox iPhone auto SMS App:

It helps in controlling your mobile app usage. It is a digital detox which set your rules to detox from some heavy usage and stops procrastinating. This iPhone auto response app will remind you to take break and stop heavy usage after every violation of usage.

These are the best iPhone auto response apps to get rid of iPhone addiction and concentrate on your work.

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