Best iPhone Apps to Improve your IQ

Did you know that up till now about 585,000+ apps are available in the market? And here is a stunner, the frequency of downloads till now is 25,000,000,000+ and still increasing each day. With the world going viral about apps for their iPhones, we need not be surprised for its ever-growing popularity. Currently there are multiple App stores that distribute digital applications for iOS according to user’s diverse needs; be it logging into user’s favorite social networking site, managing phone numbers, playing games or checking the market or local weather, picking the right one is all in user’s control. And why not? After all it offers such a broad spectrum to perform fun activities, handle business, complete work, etc.

Playing games is fun, but if you can brain train while still being able to perform your daily activities, then that is something spectacular! Who doesn’t want to sharpen their minds while waiting in a lengthy queue for paying your bills, during long boring meetings, or tiring delays waiting for your girlfriend?

Visit any App store or dial a customer service number to help you pick the right, popular IQ-based games or activities that you can find amiable. Here are few of the frequently used apps for IQ improvement.

1.       IQ Test and IQ Test Advanced

The basic IQ test claims that it can detect if you are a genius or not, well if you think you are up to this challenge then go ahead and test yourself. The IQ Test Advanced provides the toughest practice questions to test lateral thinking, the power of problem solving and reasoning skills all under the time restriction to determine your strength under pressure

2.       IQ Smart Test for Intelligence Quotient HD Lite

This is a pack of intellectual and mathematical questions, word randomizers to access your IQ, and compliments if you are excellent throughout the test. Questions have multiple choices, thus the user has the freedom to choose the best answer.

 3.       Genius IQ Tasks

This IQ tester is fun and has broad range of questions, so user can take time to think over and answer. Your personal phone number is not the only number you can see in the mobile. Be prepared for a set of logical and numerical skills exhibiting questions in this fun activity. And don’t forget to tag your friends or share your score.

4.       Standard IQ Test

As the name, this IQ fun app is the standard Intelligence Quotient determining app. But “don’t judge the book by its cover”, this app has funny pictures, bright representation, a score board, and interesting questions that you can find being addicted to.

About the Author: Written by Daniel Cliff a Tech enthusiast from the UK. His interests are Technology, Eco, Green, and also enjoys playing with latest gadgets. Catch him @thetechlegend

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