We love our smart phones but what can be done with their battery timings: every smart phone has maximum one day battery life. With interesting apps and advanced features nobody wants to keep himself away from his phone and as much as you use your phone, it will waste battery. Therefore, everyone badly wants to improve his Android phone’s battery life? Using android battery apps you can improve your smartphone batter and use for long time.

There are different apps available in play store to give you more control over how your Smartphone’s consumption of battery. These apps can help in estimating how our phone consumes power than ever before. Before going onwards towards such apps, it is warned that some of such apps come from sources outside the Google Play Store and they get positive mentions and reviews from XDA forum members but it is always a great risk to install such apps from places outside Google’s official app store. Here are the few apps that will expectantly give your phone a big battery boost.

Best Android Battery Apps to boost Smartphones Batter:

Android Battery Apps


It keeps your device as smooth and lasting as in the first day by saving battery. It is an app that helps you to identify misbehaving apps into hibernation when they are not in use. It hibernate apps that aren’t being used to stop them lagging your phone and leeching battery.

My Android Tools:

This app manages all apps in your phone so that battery could be saved. It serves as a dashboard to let you disable services and activities that are exhausting your battery. Greenify and My Android tools are very popular android battery apps to improve battery consumption.


It is a manager app that gives permission to other apps. It will let you void certain app permissions that are mostly power hungry.



It utilizes the hosts file to obstruct data-devouring advertisements which are released in androids.


Power Nap – Best Android Battery App for Smartphones:

It is a version of Sony’s Stamina Mode feature and it uses that in its flagship Xperia Z phones. It is a good app to save battery. Using these free Android battery apps you can use your android based smartphones for long time without the tension of recharging.

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