The new Samsung galaxy s6 has been criticized for its battery life. The battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 is less as compared to Samsung galaxy S5, from 2800 mah to 2550 mah. There is no doubt that the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 is inferior to Galaxy S5. People do manage with this new device but in order to go through a full day they need an external device to keep their phone charged.

The phone comes with two power saving modes, the standard power saving mode disables the background data and app usage. And the second one is the ultra power saving mode, turning that on turn your phone grey scale and only six selected apps can be used.


Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S6 – Reviews:

Battery life of Samsung galaxy S6

It’s true that the phone is very power hungry; this should also be noted that the device no longer has the option to switch batteries. If you are not fond of using your phone that much only then you might make it through the day, but now a day’s everyone uses their phone for pretty much everything, and a device like Samsung galaxy S6 which comes with uncountable possibilities, and one thing that stops you from enjoying your device is the battery life, that might give up on you even if you’re not ready to give up on your device. click here to read full Samsung Galaxy S6 Features and specifications.

This device charges are super fast speed when charged with the compatible fast charger the one that comes in the box, in about 15-20 minutes you have 40% battery charged. This gives you literally 3-4 hours of battery life. The phone reaches 100% from 0% in about one hour and 20 minutes, which is quite impressive as compared to other devices. Battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 is comparatively better than the other such smartphones.

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