Back Up Your iPhone Unlock Ticket

If you have unlocked your iphone it is a good idea to backup your unlock tickets that can be used for continual unlocking of your device on different SIM’s. Below are the step wise instructions on how to backup your iPhone unlock ticket after unlocking with SAM unlock. If you want to unlock your iPhone now you can do it by following this tutorial.

  1. Launch Cydia from your SpringBoard.
  2. Choose Sections from the tabs at the bottom of the Cydia screen.
  3. Select System from the list of available sections.
  4. Find and Tap iFile from the list of packages.
  5. Tap Install button at the top right corner of the screen.
  6. Tap Confirm to begin installation.
  7. You will see some progress and after the installation is completed, tap Return to Cydia at the bottom
  8. Tap Home to close Cydia and launch iFile.
  9. Tap Back at the top left of your screen to navigate to /var
  10. Choose root from the list of folders in /var.
  11. Tap to select Library from the list of folders in /var/root.
  12. Tap Edit at the top right of the screen.
  13. Choose Lockdown from the list of folders. Then press the zip icon in the bottom tab bar, second from the left.
  14. Name your archive for easy identification i.e. SIM number etc and Tap Create
  15. Now the  archive is created and you have to email yourself, choose the archive you have created from the list of files and tap mail in the bottom tab bar, third from the right. Put your email ID and tap Send
  16. Open your email and save the attached file for easy retrieval.

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