Awesome tips for Google Play store

Google Play store is a service provided on Android platform to get countless apps in your device. There is a wide collection of applications, ranging from trending to paid, free to top apps. One can find and enjoy any app under one roof. And the best thing is it is very easy to use. It provides the users good knowledge about the app before they install it.

Awesome Tips for Google Play Store:

Some excellent tip for Google Play store are mentioned below:

  1. There are some apps which are not available in some countries. Also some apps are cheaper in other countries. This tip for Google Play store will help you get these apps. For this install any VPN like shellfire or hide-ninja to hide your IP address and take another address of a different country, you can choose from the list. Get to the VPN of the country you want the play store and run it. It will eventually start on play store of the country’s homepage you selected.
  2. You can easily go to the settings of Google play store and manage your account. Try giving nick names to your devices listed on your account. Also this tip for Google play store can be enjoyed when you search the setting from the brows2.
  3. In today’s world, even little children tend to have android phones. This tip for Google play store is for the parents as they can put up a parental control on the app. Go to the menu after that click on settings and there you will find the option of parental control. Turn it on. You will have to create a lock in pin mode and select the apps you want to restrict or all.
  4. Google play store users can also refund when they pay for a certain app. You can get the money you paid back after clicking on the refund button next to the apps install and open now options.

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