Apple Watch Amazing Feature to find misplaced iPhone

In this article you will read how to find misplaced iPhone and share your current location with friends with apple watch. It happens and you feel really ill at ease just when you have kept your phone silent and it got misplaced. Some people are in the habit of losing their iPhone in the couch, blankets or cushions. Or sometimes our naughty toddlers wander off with our phones and later they come out empty handed. So here is the superb news, now your apple watch can help you in finding your misplaced iPhone. It can only help if your phone is in range of your watch.

Apple Watch Amazing Feature to find misplaced iPhone:

Find Misplaced iPhone

To find your phone and to ring it, first activate your apple watch and swipe up on the watch face to open glances, after it swipe from side to side until you come to the Settings peek. Now tap the Ping iPhone button. Immediately your iPhone will produce a loud ping. Go after the sound in the direction of your misplaced iPhone. This is very attractive solution to find misplaced iPhone especially when your kids use your phone more than you.


How to send your current location to friends using apple watch:

Now you can help your friends to locate you by sending your location to them via Messages. For oft, it happens when you meet your friends somewhere but you can’t dictate the address rightly. So no need to worry, you can use your Apple Watch “Send Location” feature. Through it you can provide them simple directions to your location.

This feature works particularly well for locations that especially don’t have perfect addresses like some market place, beach, fields or open grounds. To send your location, open the Messages app and tap the conversation to whom you want to send a location. Or you can tap definitely on the display to start a new message with a new contact.

For the new message, you’ll need to send a quick text message before sending your location. After you have the message open, send your current location automatically to your friend by tapping send location option. Though it will help in sending your current address at that time but it won’t send your contact an active representation of where you are. And you’ll have to re-send your location if you move somewhere else because it won’t update automatically.

So using the send location feature of apple watch you can find misplaced iPhone as well as tell your friends about your current location by just pressing a single key.

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