The way that both the Apple Photos and Google Photos apps organize your photos is very similar. Apple organizes your photo library using smart groups based on time and location called “Moments”, “Collections” and “Years”. While the two apps may look similar, Google Photos takes a different approach to photo organisation. The when you view photos in Apple’s app you will see them categorized by date and location, but location really takes precedence to date. The Google app displays photos so you can clearly see which day they were taken – the date just stands out on the interface more than it does on the Apple Photos app.




Apple also has a search feature within its Photos app and while this also works well, it’s limited to locations and dates – not very helpful if you can’t remember where or when the photo was taken.

Apple Photos vs Google Photos: Editing

Let’s move onto another important aspect of any app that handles photos – editing. More specifically, photo editing. Google offers various editing tools to help spruce up your photos, including the standard “auto enhance” and a number of Instagram filters for those of you that use them. It also offers tools to tweak the light, color, ‘pop’ (sharpness) and vignette, however these are applied using sliders and offer no manual input. Apple offers auto enhancement, filters and controls over color and light but takes it a step further than Google

Apple Photos vs Google Photos: Sharing

Apple also offers iCloud Photo Sharing via shared folders within the Photos app. You simply create a folder and add the email address of the person(s) you want to share the album with. Once created and shared, all members will be sent a notification whenever new photos are added, the main thing that sets Apple Photos aside from Google Photos. Google Photos backs up your entire library to its servers, offering you unlimited space for free.
If you choose to share images with someone that person doesn’t need the Google Photos app, as the photos are accessible via web browser. The person in question can browse the photos and save them to either their device or Google Photos stream. If you want to revoke access to a link, simply delete it from the “Shared Links” menu from within the Google Photos app.

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