Apple is planning its first major event of 2019 which will be supposedly held on March 25th.

According to Buzzfeed, it won’t be a product release event. Since the next generation AirPods or the rumored new iPad Mini won’t be making an appearance. The company does plan to release a news subscription service dubbed ‘Apple News Magazines’.

Apple News Magazine

Sources from Buzzfeed have described the event as being mainly focused on subscription services. Apple’s stand-alone video streaming service has also been rumored to debut in 2019, but its difficult to say wheather anything related to that will be present in the event.

Although Apple has held product events in late March most of the times, there is a slight chance that the date could change.

Buzzfeed claims:

 Sources said there is a small chance the final date could shift a bit given the level of publisher pushback the company is getting over the revenue-sharing terms of the so-called Netflix for news service it hopes to debut.

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