Apple Music – New look new modification

Apple music is love we all know that however some users might not be really fond of the layout of the Apple music app. When we say this we are talking about iOS 8.4 and users must be waiting to modify the layout according to their choice. You have stopped at the right place!  There is a latest jailbreak tweak that lets you bring changes to the Apple music application just the way you want to.

Not only the layout, but it also brings many more options to modify the app according to your own preferences. The MusicMod enables the users to hide the sections and tabs, playback songs position and so much more which you will discover once you get familiar with the MusicMod.

Apple Music – New look new modification:


You need to add a repo to your Cydia if you are planning to get the MusicMod. Add you can go in this link to get the repo and get going. When you are done installing the MusicMod app go to the settings app then you will find the panel for tweaks there which you will enter.

When you open it you will find more than a dozen switches which can help you disable or enable features that you wish to in the Music app. The best thing is you can now easily hide the bar, which is called the status bar for a full and better screen size experience. For your inconvenience you are allowed to get the Playlist tab at the place of connect bar.

This process is very simple and if you are jail broken and a user of Apple and you are fond of listening to music than you are recommended to try this tweak the way it is mentioned above and enjoy the changes it can bring to your Apple Music app.

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