All the users defiantly know what Apple Music is but for the people who do not here is some brief information. This is a streaming service provided to Apple users which enables you to get your ears on any song that is there in the library that is basically the iTunes.The great news is that Sonos and Apple have decided to join hands and work together and this is official news. The hardware will be a part of Sonos near 2015 end.

A Sonos spoke person has announced the official date and the former CEO of Beats Music have stated on Twitter that Sonos and Apple are to be seen together soon. He is the Senior director in the Apple Music now. Talking about the convenience, although Apple music can be played through Bluetooth and through Airplay but obviously once the technology is built in into a wireless home theater or any speaker set up it will bring more facilities for the users. sonos beats apple

Apple has also confirmed this news by giving a statement to the famous Buzz feed. The company is to treat the service as a platform rather than just a streaming service if it actually takes it seriously. The service is going to be effective on windows right away when used with iTunes and as the android devices are concerned it will be working by the fall this year.

The company is making Apple music into a number of third party apps and devices. It has already begin the process so that maximum number of people can enjoy the services. Apple is going to launch this service this year and the date is 30th June. The main devices in which it will work is iPad devices, Mac, Apple TV, Android applications and PC’s with Windows software updated to iTunes.

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