Apple Low Power mode in iOS 9 to Saves Battery Life

 Apple is looking ways to make its customers life comfortable in every possible way. A major concern customers usually face is the battery life of the phone. In today’s world, a phone with poor battery is nothing but a waste of technology. People use 4G and 3G even more than wifi nowadays which drains the battery in minutes and obviously people use their cell phones for many other purposes as well therefore they demand good battery life. To overcome this it is planning to announce Apple’s new ‘low power mode’. This will be available for ios 9 users and in addition to the extra hour provided by ios 9 it will extend the battery life of iphone up to 3 hours.

Apple Low Power mode in iOS 9 to Saves Battery Life:

The users are recommended to enable the Apple’s ‘low power mode’ when the battery drops to 20% to 10%. It will be very easy to enable just in seconds, users will have to switch it on by going to the settings application and manually enabling it from the battery section.
This will make a big difference for the users who complain about the battery life as this will bring significant improvement. It is to be introduced by Apple and it is said to be a very innovative way to help users throughout the day. The users will not have to charge their phones more than once a day. Apple’s ‘low power mode’ advancement will facilitate the users during the long day.

Apple Low Power Mode
Apple Low Power Mode

Apple’s low power mode reduces the consumption of battery by disabling background apps, animated wallpapers and automatic downloads. This also decreases the microprocessor’s clock-rate and when enabled it will also put a stop to new emails. It will facilitate in extending the battery level but will not make the phone of no use.

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