Apple iOS 9 vs Android M Comparison [Beta vs Developer Preview]

As you know iOS 9 beta is out and people are trying its new features and thousands have tried it using the developers UDID and even without needing it as well. But soon we all shall be able to enjoy the features of iOS 9 which are not new to the smartphone community especially to the people who are tech savvy and know about latest updates, as heard by many tech blogs there has been many similarities in forthcoming iOS 9 & Android M.

Apple iOS 9 beta vs Android M Comparison

Keeping in view the same aspects PocketNow has developed one video comparison in which they have shown side by side look on iOS 9 vs Google Android M, by running the beta versions.

Apple and Google are each bringing huge improvements to their mobile operating systems later this year with iOS 9 and Android M. Join us for an early look at how some of those features compare as we put the iOS 9 beta up against the Android M developer preview in a quick comparison!

Have a look on below video showing similarities between Apple iOS 9 & Google Now. Don’t forget to give your opinion in below comments.

iOS 9 Beta vs Android M Developer Preview


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