Android kitkat Better than Android Lollipop

Everybody is always looking for new updates to their android versions. Obviously the new upgrade apparently has more advanced features that can make your life easier though your smart phones. However, it is not always true that the new update is the best one. People can clearly understand the difference once they have used both the updates such as Kitkat and Lollipop. There are certain things that make android kitkat better than android lollipop. Read full article about How to Get Android lollipop version 5.0 on Desktop.

Android kitkat Better than Android Lollipop:

  1. Battery life although the android lollipop version introduced the project it had on battery life Volta optimizations it did not really work. The project was to provide the users with better and improved battery timings instead, it turned out to be a poor advancement which was out after the tests runs on Nexus 5 and LG G3. The upgrade actually turned out to be a disaster.
  2. Lollipop came up with a change in the android system when we talk about the lock screen. Android kitkat leaves the lock screen simple and easy while lollipop gives it a cluttered look which is not preferred by most of the users. It contains notifications that one will not want it to be on the lock screen.
  3. There is more to android Kitkat better than android lollipop. The multitasking is way better on the kitkat version because it gets in to a mess in case of lollipop version.Android Vs Lollipop
  4. Silent mode problem everyone has to put their phones to silent mode at any time so kitkat provides and an easy shortcut to it which is almost one touch away. However, lollipop has taken that facility away from the users. Although they can turn their phones on silent mode but that is quite complicated when compared to kitkat system.
  5. Interface So, the last thing which we can conclude under the topic android kitkat is better than android lollipop is the interface of lollipop which is not that classy instead it is more towards a cartoonish one.

As we conclude that really Android kitkat is better than android lollipop. In other words we can say that android kitkat is more user friendly.

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