You can activate Siri on iPhone 4S by applying one of four options mentioned below. “I have 4S and while holding the home key it opens the voice control not Siri” this is the question I have seen on many blogs and forums which new iphon 4s users are facing after they purchase new iphone4s. You may need to activate Siri on iPhone 4S if you have purchased a new one or you have restored your files, emails,  contacts and media etc. from a previous back up from iPhone 4.

Option 1: You can activate siri by going to Settings —-> General —-> Siri —> On.  After this you also need to activate the location service by going to Settings —-> Location Services —> Siri —-> On. This will work well if you have purchased new iphone 4s and you can activate Siri on iPhone 4s.

Option 2: This is the case when you have restored your  iPhone4S using an old backup of iPhon4 and once you try the Siri it is not working. You can just activate by going to the Settings —-> General —> Siri —> On.

To run the Siri you don’t need to tap an icon actually it is running in background, only you need to hold down the Home button for a while or raise the iphone to your ear height and speak.

Option 3: Sometimes these options are changed so you can try this combination. Go to Settings —->General —-> International —-> Voice Control, there you will find two sections Siri and Voice Dial Only. Select Siri for your language and Siri is set to work.

You will also need to activate Siri in location services go to Settings —-> Location Services —–> Scroll down to Siri and turn it ON


Option 4: If you are still unable to activate siri in iphone 4S and Siri option is not available as mentioned in option 1, after restoring from old back up (Siri was working before), this is the last option go to Settings —-> Reset —-> Reset All Settings —-> Scroll down to find “Rest All Settings” button  and tap it accept the terms etc and after reset is complete you can see Siri to appear in the General Settings menu.

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