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 Once Apple will close the firmware that is signing for windows then it will not be possible for the users to upgrade or to downgrade to iOS 8.3 as Apple will not allow this. Therefore the users will have to settle for the current firmware being offered which is usually the most earlier and latest one. As a result, users who are to be the jail breakers will be willing to downgrade back to 8.3.

Although there is no way out to downgrade to iOS 8.3 version there are a few things that can still give some hope to the users. These ways will ensure a chance to ability to downgrade. The SHSH blobs shall be saved in order to accomplish this goal.To downgrade to iOS 8.3 and protect SHSH blobs you will have to follow the steps stated in this article.

Firstly, if you do not have TinyUmbrella in your device then you must download it in order to accomplish what you have started. TinyUmbrella is a tool that is a combination. Make sure you have iTunes and Java installed in your devices if you are to use TinyUmbrella otherwise it will not work. It is a popular tool which helps to save SHSH blobs and also facilitates in the downgrading process. Once you have successfully downloaded TinyUmbrella, you will see an option to Run it, tap on it and follow the next step. Your iOS device doesn’t necessarily need a jail break for this, just simply connect the device with TinyUmbrella.

Now TinyUmbrella will get to the main work of fetching the SHSH iOS 8.3 blobs and automatically saving them. All of it is saved to one file by the tool and in order to reach that file you might have to find them  through the locations mentioned below:
Mac: ~/.tu/.shsh
windows: C:users~.tu.shsh
To be on the safe side you must save the blobs before Apple blocks signing the iOS version 8.3. The best is to save the fi 8.3les to a back system as well.

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A new version of TinyUmbrella was released to provide some new features for unlockers and jailbreakers. Released by NotCom the developer of TinyUmbrella the new updated version 5.10.12 includes the support for saving BBTicket for iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4 CDMA.

Although till now most of us are not aware of the usage of this new feature in TinyUmbrella 5.10.12, but I believe that the saving the BBTickets for your iPhone will help in future for some kind of jailbreaking, downgrading or unlocking activities. I am very trustful to our jailbreakers that they will never cheat us and will always provide useful things in future too as before.

Download TinyUmbrella 5.10.12As instructed by NotCom if you have an unlocked iPhone or plan to unlock iPhone in future, you should use this new TinyUmbrella version and save your SHSH blobs. Also as mentioned by NotCom you have to ensure that you have checked the overwrite saved SHSH option while saving the SHSH blobs.

I have given below the TinyUmbrella download links:

Download TinyUmbrella v5.10.12 (Windows)

Download TinyUmbrella v5.10.12 (Mac)

Few hours ago the famous jailbreaker and hacker iH8sn0w has tweeted and claimed that he has found a loophole in Apple’s apticket system and he has restored iPad 2 to 5.0.1 from iOS 5.1. So it is also assumed that he has found the way to downgrade iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1 on all A5 devices. He also mentions on followup tweets that A5X devices i.e iPad 3 will also be able to work once Apple pushes new firmware for them. This is a good news for people who are willing to find solution for downgrading their A5 and A5X devices i.e. iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad3.

You can visit these tutorials on how to save SHSH blobs and downgrade using TinyUmbrella and iFaith.

Below are some tweets of iH8sn0w:

Found a loophole in Apple’s apticket system. Restored my iPad 2 to 5.0.1 from 5.1. Works on all A5 devices. :)


iPhone 4’s can already downgrade by creating a signed IPSW with iFaith or redsn0w.

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After release of iOS 5.1 and the new iPad 3 TinyUmbrella was also updated to version 5.10.08 and released both for Windows and Mac users. The TinyUmbrella will help us to save iOS 5.1 SHSH blobs for iPad 3 and the Apple TV 3G including all other devices i.e. iPhone 3gs, iphone 4, iphone 4S, ipad and ipod touch. So if you are planning to try iOS 5.1 and want to keep the option of restoring back to existing/previous version after upgrade you must save your SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella, the SHSH blobs are used when iTunes sends the restore request to Apple. Similarly if you are having iTunes Error 3194 you can use this new version of tinyumbrella to create custom firmware for your device and use that to restore in iTunes, you will not face the Error 3194.

You can visit my article on How to Save SHSH blobs.

Below are the download links:

TinyUmbrella 5.10.08 for Windows

TinyUmbrella 5.10.08 for Mac

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I received many emails from my blog readers that they have upgraded to iOS 5.1 once it was prompted by the automatic update and now they want to degrade ios 5.1 due to two reasons either they have lost their untethered 5.0.1 jailbreak or they want to get untethered jailbreak on ios 5.0.1 or 5.0 since only tethered jailbreak is available for ios 5.1 till now. Also some of them has upgraded on  iPhone 4S and iPad 2 which can not be even jailbroken tethered.

The day ios 5.1 was released I informed my blog readers to not upgrade to new ios 5.1 since it does not have jailbreak and also I recommended to save your SHSH blobs so that you can degrade to previous ios version if upgraded to 5.1 due to any reason.

Below I have given step wise guide about How to downgrade to previous iOS version on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from the iOS 5.1 firmware to the iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.0.  firmware.

Please Note: You can downgrade on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1G, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, BUT NOT on iPhone 4S and iPad 2. You should have saved the SHSH blobs previously using iFaith or any other tool like TinyUmbrella and you should have saved that file for previous version. We will use the iFaith to save SHSH blobs that runs only on Windows.

Do the following downloads before starting degrade process.

Steps to downgrade From iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.0
Step 1: Create Custom Firmware File 

  • Double click the .exe file to run the iFaith.Click the OK button after reading the warning.
  • There are four buttons Click the first one Build *Signed* IPSW w/Blobs
  • Next window will ask to browse for the SHSH blobs cache file that you have created during SHSH blobs saving process. (If you have not done SHSH blob saving before sorry you can not degrade)
  • On next screen iFaith will ask to browse for the iOS firmware (ios 5.0.1 or ios 5.0 firmware) file which you have downloaded, browse and locate. Alternativly you can directly give command to iFaith so that it can download the firmware file for you.
  • Now iFaith will create a custom firmware file for you and save it on your hard disk.

Step 2: Put Your Device in DFU (Direct Firmware Update) Mode

If you know the procedure of putting your device in DFU mode just do it and connect your device to your computer while iTunes is running it will prompt that a device is detected in DFU mode.

You can put your device in DFU mode using iREB utility available in iFaith, go to main menu and click DFU Pwner(iREB) the fourth button in iFaith main Window. Just  follow the onscreen instructions to put your device in DFU mode.

Or you can check this post for How to put your iphone, ipod, ipad in DFU mode

Step 3: Restore Using iTunes

itunes will detect your device automatically and show on left pane select your device and you will see Restore button in the middle window of iTUnes.

Now holding the Shift button in Windows or Option/Alt button in Mac click the Restore button. iTunes will ask you the custome firmware file browse and locate the recently created firmware file. The restore process will start and it will take much time and once finished your device will restart normally with degraded iOS version.

If you receive the iTunes error 3194, I recommend to create your custom firmware file using the TinyUmbrella and then try restoring in iTunes the Error 3194 will be rectified. Download TinyUmbrella.