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This is the case many time that you are telling Siri to dial a name but it is not recognizing it properly and giving unusual results. Sometimes you may need to twist the actual contact name so that the pronunciation is understandable to Siri or Voice Control and it can find the correct contact from your contact list. Here I am giving you the very simple way you can tell Siri and Voice Control the alternative phonetic name of your choice for your contacts or you can add nicknames also for contacts.

Below are the steps to Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names:

1. Open the contact you want  to modify.

2. Click Edit

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

3. Scroll down to find “Add Field”

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names 1

4. Tap the “Phonetic First Name”

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

5. Give the name of your Choice and  tap Done.

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

6. Similarly you can give the nick name for each contact if you want to be used by Siri for easy recognition.

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

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Evi is the new app that you can say is a British rival to the Siri. If you are an iphone ipod or ipad user you are aware of features of Siri which is a personal talking assistant, a big hit, provided in iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5. Why I am writing Evi vs Siri because after  few weeks of release Evi has gained much attention from the iPhone users and almost half a million downloads have been recorded during three weeks of release of Evi.

Due to huge popularity of the Evi app it is also reported that apple is going to remove the Evi from App store (not sure). True Knowledge CEO William Tunstall-Pedoe was called and informed about this issue from Apple as reported by TechCrunch.

Some of the Evi Features include:

  • Evi works both for iOS and Android operating systems
  • Evi is smarter than a search engine it gives hyperlinks related to the question asked and you can open directly in the browser
  • Evi has collection of 635 million facts about 28 million things (updating regularly)
  • Evi is updated continuously by its creators by scouring Wikipedia and yellow pages etc.
  • Evi can hold millions of simultaneous conversations
  • Evi has impressed british users since it recognizes their regional accent
  • You can make voice or text input and can chat to Evi in simple English
  • Provides local information for UK and USA i.e shopping, dining and news etc.
  • Evi recognizes your location and provides local information

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i4Siri beta is working well and is available to doners, we hope that completed i4siri will be released for free very soon. i4siri can work on 3G data network. The new i4siri supports iphone 3gs, iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4G. Watch below video for more.

You can visit i4Siri to try the beta version which is working only you need to donate more than 1$ and that it.

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ios 5.1.0 is the latest release of operating system for portable idevices with many of new features and bug fixes. ios 5.1 was released on January 9, 2012. The latest version of ios 5.1.0 is supporting iPhone 3gs, iPhone gsm/cdma, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3g/4g, iPad and iPad 2. The release is beta 3 and is only released to Apple iOS Developers, so you can download if you are an app developer. The new ios 5.1 is compatible with the build 9B5141a and Basebands 1.5.04 and 04.12.01.

You may be looking to jailbreak 5.1.0 but it may be too early since it is not officially released but the hackers are working on it and we can hope that once ios 5.1.0 is released its jailbreak will be available within few days.

It is also expected that the new ios 5.1 will make Siri more powerful and users shall be able to fully utilize the potential of the Siri feature available in iPhone4s and ipad2.

Below are some of the features that ios 5.1 is providing as mentiond on Wikipedia:

  • Enhanced Siri dictation support during text input “on supported device”
  • Carrier updates (e.g. AT&T 11.1)
  • Baseband updates
  • Attempts to fix battery life
  • Fixes iPhone 4S support for Caller ID Name Display (on supported carriers – i.e. Rogers & Fido in Canada)
  • Images can now be removed manually from the Photo Stream in iCloud. Any photos deleted are now also removed from other iOS devices connected to iCloud.
  • Shake-to-shuffle caused the Music app to freeze, this will be fixed.
  • The Setup Assistant caused an “infinite setup loop” for some users. When the setup was completed, the iPhone would jump back to a “thank you” screen ad infinitum. Users had to reboot the device to restore functionality.
  • SpringBoard, the home screen app for the iPhone would sometimes fall into a state when double-clicking the home button would not display the camera icon. This too will be fixed.
  • Turn on/off 3G toggle restored on iPhone 4S
  • Possible Siri support, this is assumed because of the new menu in the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch “call dictation and privacy”.
  • Lockscreen Arrow Slider, is smaller and square before it was bigger and more rectangular
  • Bug fixes where enabling bluetooth and returning to homescreen the bluetooth icon still remains in the status bar again this will be fixed
  • Possible Facebook integration. A new Facebook username field in the Contacts application and the ability to upload pictures directly to Facebook via Camera Roll.
  • Possible Bug fixes on Wi-Fi signal strength affecting iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Speak and tweet. Now you can use a new Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhone 4S that is called Sireet. You can use Siri to tweet through a free Cydia tweak that has been released recently. Only speak whatever you want to tweet and Sireet will translate your spoken words into text and post it using your twitter account.

You can go to Cydia and search for Sireet Cydia tweak on iPhone 4S, you will need to visit ModMyi repo through Cydia and download and install the Sireet.

It is required for Sireet to work that you have configured Twitter through Settings app on your iPhone 4S, and then open Siri to give a try to Sireet.

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As you know the jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 was released last Friday and millions of the users has jailbroken their devices. Ultimately now there are tons of jailbreak tweaks and apps to be used on jailbroken devices. Similarly there are torrent of Cydia tweaks that work with Siri and used to modify or play with Siri’s behavior and look. Some of them I am mentioning hare which most Siri users has liked and used most of them.

1. Custom Siri Background

A very beautiful and simple tweak that can be used to change the background of your Siri app. You can change the background of your siri from typical brushed metallic any of your choice. You can go to Cydia and in search section just type “Custom Siri Background” and install the same.

2. Custom Siri Mic Color

You can change the color of your Siri microphone icon using the Winterboard. You only need to add the source and download the color that you want. You can visit http://repo.technetec.com from your iPhone4s and download the source for color of your choice.

3. Assistant Extension

This tweak is equally useful for iphone4S siri users and developers,  this app can enable many useful system commands such as “open”, “tweet”, and “restart springboard” and in addition Assistant Extension also opens up a plugin system to facilitate developers to develop/make custom commands of their own choice.