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Before release of iPhone 4S last year it was speculated that it will have 4G LTE capabilities, but it was not included at that time. Now after the release of the new iPad which is having 4G LTE support it is now undoubted that the next generation iPhone will be supported by 4G LTE, a new report states it is sure for Verizon iPhones. This was revealed in a recent Dow Jones NewsWires interview with Verizon’s Chief Technical Officer, David Small:

“Verizon Wireless has pumped billions into building out and promoting the high-speed data network known as 4G LTE, but the carrier has drawn just 5% of its customers to the faster network, as it has struggled to convince customers to upgrade from their 3G devices, most notably Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) popular iPhone.

The carrier said that for the rest of 2012, it would only unveil smartphones capable of running on its 4G LTE network. The statement suggests any new iPhone this year will be 4G LTE-capable.”

Verizon’s strategy on LTE clearly states that the carrier wants more customers to their 4 generation high speed LTE network, and by combining this technology with Apple’s popular iphone Verizon will definitely increase its customer base.

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It was revealed by Boy Genius that some anonymous source has provided them some images that are containing information about the expected iPad 3.  These photos are providing hints about new features of the next generation iPad. These images does not show the device but only provide output from a debugging tool called iBoot. So here are the findings from the revealed images:

1. New iPad will come in two models J1 and J2 both corresponding to the Wi-Fi and 3G models. It was also reported by DigiTimes previously that code-names J1 and J2 are references to two completely distinct iPads of different sizes and including different technologies. May be !

2. Support for LTE alongside GSM and CDMA 3G networks in a single device.

3. A6 processor chip in the iPad 3 with Quad core carrying an S5L8945X identifier

What do you think about new iPad please write in comments to have a healthy debate on reliability of above rumors because pictures can be modified and until the device is not released we can consider these news unreliable.

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